The idea for #CamChocoFest first came together when founder and local chocolatier, Riadh Falvo joined other indies at a market at Histon Smokehouse. They called it "The Cambridge Takeover".

"There were 4 of us, and not wanting a stall all to myself, I invited my friend Gwenyth from Bicycle Bakes alongside Janet of Small & Green Cambridge, Emma of Bicycle Collective, and Miyumi of Eco Japan."

"We shared the best banter with the staff, they were really on top of their service game, and kept us and all visitors topped up with good food, and Gwenyth and I with perhaps too many Bloody Mary's."

"I was always a BIG fan of The Urban Shed, and despite Simon not having any memory of me whatsoever, his motto was and still is, 'Once a Shedder, Always a Shedder', and he means it. So when I messaged him in around September time that I was even thinking about a festival, he responded with a meme or GIF giving me his blessings. If you know Simon, you will know that aside from food, and a cracking sense of humour, GIFS are his love language!"

Fast forward to February, Valentine's Day Weekend and we had a full blown festival with a Bean to Bar Chocolate Factory at the entrance, local chocolatiers, bakers, educators, and distributers like Meadows Deli and Barbarella Cafe.